Whole30 – Day 8

Almost a week in and still Okay. Got all my meals in and made my weekly trip to Whole Foods. There is not one in the town that I live, but there IS one in the town where I work. Found this wonderful thing called ghee and great ingredients to make home-made BBQ sauce.

Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs with home-salsa and black coffee.

20150103_125628 20150106_093441

Lunch – smoked chicken with mixed greens salad, radishes, and green bell peppers.

20150105_125137 20150105_125132

Dinner – the very last of the smoked pork and a bag of steamed veggies with ghee.

20150109_184524 20150109_184848

Ever-fateful snacks – almonds and green beans. I did buy some cashews so there will be a change up next week!


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