Whole30 – Day 10

Today I was dreading another Sunday Dinner with the family. Especially since my sister was planning on ordering pizza. I told her I would be bringing my own food and came up with a plan. Then my hubby put his back out and need to be driven to urgent care. I grabbed my snacks, vitamins, and water and headed out the door. The day was calorie light, but I did not go to bed hungry.

Breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled cooked in coconut oil (my new fav), topped with home-made salsa and black coffee.


Lunch – Nope. I was waiting in the car eating my snacks because I refused to be in the urgent care waiting room with a shit-ton of sick people.

Dinner – NY Strip steak and cabbage steaks with olive oil and garlic.


Snack – Whole Cashews


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