April 21, 2015

WARNING…I’m getting up on my soapbox. If you do not want to read my rant stop now. Otherwise please continue. On my way home this afternoon I can across this little fellow below. Unlike most people I cannot just drive by a puppy chasing cars on a country road. I stopped, but this little guy would not let me close. I snapped the pic below and immediately reached out to a Facebook chat group for help. I also called my brother, who has a soft spot for dogs, to run up some dog food from the house to try and gain the pups trust.

The Sad: Even with food and kind words I could not get close. He would lift his head and watch every car that flew by the busy country road. Someone had loved this little guy once, and that same someone got tired of some behavior and dropped him on the side of the road. All this being done, with an open to the public shelter another 10 miles up the road. Not that the shelter is great, but he would have been safe (for a short period) and fed. In the end a car drove up the side road we were on and that little boy chased that car with all he had. There was no calling him back to us. He was determined to find the owner that had once loved him and could not understand why he was left. In the end I did not get the puppy. I have driven that road every day since and I always keep an eye out. The sad reality is it is unlikely I will ever see that puppy again or that he will survive in the woods.

The Good: While I was waiting on my brother two very nice gentlemen stopped to see what I was up to. Both tried to help me lure the pup to us so I could get him off the side of the road. Also two ladies from the Facebook chart show up and drove the side road with me looking for the little guy. This little bit of help met the world to me. In a time when no one seems to care for anything but themselves, five people (brother included) came or stopped to help. That is the only joy I get from this situation and what drives me to continue helping animals in my community.

The Facts: There will ALWAYS be too many. We as rescuers will NEVER be able to save them all. There will ALWAYS be stories you tell that will bring you to tears. But we must NEVER forget to take the good with the bad. And I see so much good in the communities I volunteer with.

With that I step down from my soapbox with a fist in the air screaming “ADOPT DON’T SHOP” Thanks to all that read this far and let me get this off my chest.

If you are looking to adopt a pet in the Wake County Area of NC please visit some of the links below.
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