Whole30 – Day 12

Today was good, tried a new pesto recipe and it worked well.

Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs in coconut oil with home-made salsa and black coffee.

20150111_105540 20150106_093441

Lunch Рleftover venison taco meat and greens salad with green bell pepper and radishes.


Dinner – grilled boneless pork chops with leftover cherry BBQ sauce and zoodles in fresh home-made pesto.


Snacks – snap peas, cashews, and club soda with oranges and pomegranate seeds.

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Whole30 – Day 11

Today was wet, cold and just plan miserable in NC. But I got all my meals in and started week two strong.

Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs in coconut oil covered in home-made salsa.

20150111_105540 20150106_093441

Lunch – Leftover pork chops form Saturday and greens salad with radishes and green bell peppers.

20150112_142745 20150105_125132

Dinner – venison tacos with taco seasoning form St. Louis in lettuce.


Snacks – sugar snap peas and whole cashews.

20150112_211312 20150110_215233

Whole30 – Day 10

Today I was dreading another Sunday Dinner with the family. Especially since my sister was planning on ordering pizza. I told her I would be bringing my own food and came up with a plan. Then my hubby put his back out and need to be driven to urgent care. I grabbed my snacks, vitamins, and water and headed out the door. The day was calorie light, but I did not go to bed hungry.

Breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled cooked in coconut oil (my new fav), topped with home-made salsa and black coffee.


Lunch – Nope. I was waiting in the car eating my snacks because I refused to be in the urgent care waiting room with a shit-ton of sick people.

Dinner – NY Strip steak and cabbage steaks with olive oil and garlic.


Snack – Whole Cashews


Whole30 – Day 9

Today was good for a weekend. My hubby and I are DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) so we sleep in on the weekends, since our work days start at 4:30 am. I did not get up until after 11:00 am so there were only two meals today.

Breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled cooked in coconut oil, home-made salsa, and black coffee.


While running around town getting salsa supplies and food for the next week I had some almonds and cashews.

20150110_215233 20150103_135509

Dinner РThis was great, grilled pork chops, Cherry BBQ sauce courtesy of http://nomnompaleo.com, and zucchini zoodles stir fried in sesame oil and ginger.


And while watching football…club soda with orange slices since beer and wine are off the list for the next 30.


Whole30 – Day 8

Almost a week in and still Okay. Got all my meals in and made my weekly trip to Whole Foods. There is not one in the town that I live, but there IS one in the town where I work. Found this wonderful thing called ghee and great ingredients to make home-made BBQ sauce.

Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs with home-salsa and black coffee.

20150103_125628 20150106_093441

Lunch – smoked chicken with mixed greens salad, radishes, and green bell peppers.

20150105_125137 20150105_125132

Dinner – the very last of the smoked pork and a bag of steamed veggies with ghee.

20150109_184524 20150109_184848

Ever-fateful snacks – almonds and green beans. I did buy some cashews so there will be a change up next week!